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Our Mission

At Mariposa Home & Health Transformation we help clients create a more balanced, synergetic body and lifestyle through alternative medicine, focusing on various forms of stress management and nutrition.


Naturopathic health for body, mind, and spirit

Our Services and Products 

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Health Consultation

Many have noted the unequivocal correlation between diet and health, acknowledging that the prevention of most widespread disease can be accomplished most simply and directly through changes in dietary habits. Our Doctor of Naturopathy provides individualized dietary and nutritional consultation tailored towards restoring both your body and mind to an inherently optimal state of health.

Consultation regarding herbal remedies, DoTerra essential oils and Bach flowers also available upon request.

-$75/60-90 minute session


Reflexology is the systemic application of pressure techniques to the feet and lower legs and has proven especially effective in creating relaxation, easing pain and ameliorating a range of health concern symptoms. Our Reflexologist employs an array of DoTerra essential oils and their many different healing properties, selecting each for its specific therapeutic benefit.

Reflexology treatment specialized in diabetic neuropathy technique, addressing diabetic numbness and pain, also available upon request.

-$50/50-60 minute session

Yoga, Meditation & Stress Management

Yoga is much more than exercise, it is a system designed to give maximum flexibility and strength to the nervous systems, strengthening the spine while making it more supple. Yoga postures (asanas) restore the body to natural equilibrium and alleviate tension so the muscles and nervous system relax more naturally.

Yoga Breathing (pranayama) reduces mental tension, focuses the mind and increases the body’s energy level by oxygenating the blood stream. 

Meditation (dhyana) offers benefits in relaxation and helps quiet the mental and emotional activity that absorbs the mind, releasing intuitive and creative energies. 

Our instructors have training in Hatha, Kriya and Raja yogas, specializing in restorative yoga and vinyasa flow. Yoga and meditation are private or semi-private sessions only, allowing for individual needs and capabilities to be more easily met.

- $45/hr

Aromatouch Thechnique

Aromatouch Technique is the clinical application of DoTerra essential oils to the back, spine, ears and feet, developed by Dr. David K. Hill, a leading expert on the use of essential oils for medical benefit. The technique was created to address four systemic constants: stress, toxic insult, inflammatory response and autonomic imbalance, all common factors at the foundation of illness in the body. Aromatouch Technique was developed to manage these systemic constants and return the body to a state of balance.

DoTerra essential oils contain many different healing properties and each essential oil used in Aromatouch Technique has been selected for its specific therapeutic benefit and aroma. 

-$75/60 minute session

Aromatouch Technique & Reflexology /90-Minute Session- $90

Mariposa Home & Health Transformation, LLC

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